Friday, February 19, 2016

Tips of Americana Chalk Paint and Wax Applications

Americana chalk paint and wax is making your properties more alluring if you follow the tips I share above. It makes your properties prettier.
Americana chalk paint and wax has many variants of colors and types. Today’s post shares you some essential tips of how to apply crème waxes. Americana chalk crème waxes have two variants. They are clear and dark waxes. As we need to show you the tips, we are going to explore it together. In fact, you might be able to explore your minds to experience more unique results. Somehow, you should understand how to apply it well. Not only is that, we also share you the tips of painted and clean-up surface care.

How to Apply Clear Wax

Applying Americana chalk paint and wax cannot haphazardly. For applying clear waxes, the very first item you should prepare is a lint-free rag or a brush. This unit will help you to apply the clear waxes. After that, you need to wipe off immediately the excess of the furniture. Before, you need to make sure that the waxes are neither tacky nor sticky. After that, you are allowed to add more wax. The more recommended application is thin coats. This is better because when you put too much wax to the furniture or property, this will make you in difficulties to buff.

Beside is that, applying too much Americana chalk paint and wax can cause splotchy finish too. Then, if you are done with this application, you can go to the next step to make it glossier. To make it real, you can use cloth with light color which is clean to buff. Then, you should hurry to buff the wax before it is tacky. If you desire to get a washed look, you are suggested to tint the clear crème wax with paint which has lighter color before application.

Dark Waxes Application

Americana chalk paint and wax is also available in dark colors. For using this type of wax and getting unconventional look of finishing, the tip you can apply is mixing deep brown crème wax and light golden. This combination will create exquisite result to the area. Somehow, you should try on the small area before applying to the larger one. The significant thing you need to notice is that you have to mix the dark wax when it is fresh by the time you apply it over the clear crème wax.

Or, the darker waxes won’t be workable and it seeps into the paint. Besides, the paint will be discolored permanently and I convince that you don’t want to get this. If the color you want becomes darker, then you could apply clear crème wax using clean rag over the dark area. The clean rag you can function for removing excess color of Americana chalk paint so you will have that exquisite unit from Americana chalk paint and wax.

Painted and Clean-up Surface Care

The units you adorn with Americana chalk paint and wax can be cleaned using kitchen sponge or soft rag after you wet it with water and soap. You can clean it easily. For sure Americana chalk wax and paint is able to beautify your home living if you adorn your furniture or properties with it.

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