Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Florence

Many people who have an interest in creating furniture with shabby theme. Annie Sloan chalk paint Florence has been producing amazing chalk paint but never received the award. In addition, many people think that this product does not have the function of a more modern addition to producing Shabby Chic paints.

What is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

Annie Sloan chalk paint Florence is a product that is environmentally friendly, containing low VOC, odorless, and can be used in confined spaces. There are many types of paint for the walls, wood and some other materials. In addition, most of these paints have the same composition. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint does not require preparation to process them into a perfect paint. The second is no need to sand the area to be painted. Third, Annie Sloan does not require heavy foundation or base paint to make it more glue on the basis of the material. Finally, the paint does not require a solvent to make it looks together with the material. In addition, this paint can be done in all materials such as ceramics, glass, fabric, plastic, and much more. You can even paint on a piece of furniture that has been covered with wax. This certainly will not be done by other paint. Use other paint requires users to scour the surface to be painted and ensure that the quality of the paint and the surface can be applied before applying the paint.

A Paint of Thousand Colors and Good for everything

If you want to play with color, then this is the advantages given by Annie Sloan chalk paint Florence. You can add other colors as the base paint and mixing several other colors to get a more beautiful color. Although Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has expensive price but when you consider the other paints, it will be something that makes sense. By doing so, you will move on and use this paint. You would not want to use anymore-other paint. You can get many Shabby Chic colors. With a variety of choices, the overall paint can be used on the entire surface of a material. By doing so, you may need to do the sanding or dispose of anything that can make this paint does not glue to the surface. Besides, Annie Sloan chalk paint Florence is available in some stockiest which provides several color options according to your choice. Select some soft colored paints and other colors give a little extra.

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