Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chalk Paint Drying Time and Cure Time and What Can Influence Them

Chalk paint drying time can be up to 1 hour, while the cure time can be up to 1 month. Even so, there are some influences that can affect the speed of the drying and the cure times.
Have you ever wondering the chalk paint drying time before? Well, don’t just wonder about it. Actually, you should have known it. If you don’t wait for the proper time, you might not be able to successfully apply chalk paint on your furniture. Of course, it is not something you would want, right? Patience plays a big role here. Paint is not something that can dry in the count of some minutes only.

The Drying Time and the Cure Time

In the discussion of the drying time of chalk paint, the writer will tell you that there is one similar but different term of it, that is cure time. These two terms always come together. Drying time is the time when the solvents on the paint coat evaporate. It should have been the time when you can feel the paint dry with your touch. However, you should know that the paint is not 100% dry here. How about the cure time?

Cure time is the time when the paint coat reaches the maximum hardness. Yes, this is when the paint is 100% and completely dry. Different kinds of paint have different kinds of drying and cure times. If it is chalk brand paints, it has 30-60 minutes of drying time and 30 days of cure time. If the chalk paint is a homemade one, it has the same 30-60 minutes of drying time and almost the same 21-30 days of cure time. Have you understood about chalk paint drying time and cure time already?

The Influences to the Drying and Cure Times

Although there have been the exact drying and cure times for each kind of paints, it doesn’t mean that it will always be around that time no matter what. Of course, there are things that can influence the time as well. So, what are they? First, it is the paint thickness. The thicker the paint, the longer it will take to dry and cure, of course. Second, it is the number of coats. Chalk paint’s time to dry and cure will be longer with more number of coats too.

Third, it is the paint color. The darker the color, the longer the drying and the cure time will be. Fourth, it is the kinds of paint. As the writer said earlier, different paint has different time to dry and cure. Fifth, it is the material of the thing the paint is put on. Each surface, like wood, canvas, etc. has its own time. Sixth, it is the place where you leave the painted furniture to dry and cure. If it is not humid, the chalk paint’s dry time and cure time should have been faster.

There you go. The writer has provided you with the knowledge you need to know about the time for the chalk paint to dry and to cure. By now, you should have known that those kinds of time are two different terms. Furthermore, they can be influenced by many things. They can be faster or slower depending on the thickness, number of coats, paint color, kinds of paint, surface’s material, and the place the furniture is left to dry and cure. Chalk paint drying time and cure time sure are important to know.

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