Friday, February 12, 2016

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for Walls

There are some functions provided by Annie Sloan Chalk Board. In one of them is to paint the walls. Annie Sloan chalk paint for walls allows walls to breathe and have a water-based material that are environmentally friendly. In addition, this wall paint will not leave spots or bubbles caused by a wall that cannot draw air from the pores of the wall. The wall paint will last a long time.


In terms of durability of the material, Annie Sloan chalk paint for walls have unbelievable quality and can last more than 3 years. You also do not need to repaint the walls of your home. Painting process is very simple. You do not need to coat the walls with paint that can glue the base paint to the walls. In addition, the paint is very easy to apply evenly to the wall. You also do not need to sand the uneven wall surface or cracks surface because the paint will cover the entire damage of the wall. In addition, before applying this paint wall, you do not need to clean the walls of dirt because at the time of applying paint to walls, the dirt will automatically disappear.

Paint Composition

Annie Sloan chalk paint for walls consist of adhesives, dyes, solvents, and extenders. Therefore, you do not have to bother to dissolve the paint, apply the adhesive to the wall because Annie Sloan chalk paint is already has the entire composition in it. All of these compositions are the basic ingredients that are environmentally friendly and safe for health. In addition, Annie Sloan chalk paint for walls is having good quality and safe containing extenders such as kaolin and limestone in small quantities. Thus, the effect of liming and fading paint colors can be prevented and paint color will appear brighter even though for years. Although this paint has a high price, the application of paint that has a high quality will be more efficient because of the layers of the wall is perfectly covered with a layer of paint and will withstand all types of weather, no moldy, and the color does not fade due to sunlight. Moreover, expensive paint always has good quality and you do not need to replace the paint caused by the change of color, the moldy walls, and the cracked walls and so on. Annie Sloan chalk paint for walls have given everything to your home walls.

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